Sausage Rolls – Made Easy (& Cheap)

Why pay $9 a dozen for sausage rolls from the local donut shop, when you can make 40 for about $6?

On mornings I’m in a rush I’ll make 10 for the kids, it’s a great To-Go breakfast.  If we’re having a dinner party I make all 40 and serve with homemade queso to dip in.

Ingredients –

1 – 4 pack of biscuits (I like the cheap kind, they’re 4 for about $1.25.

If you like a fluffier bread use croissants or the larger biscuits. (It will change the cost, but it is still much cheaper than say a donut shop)

1 – package of Little Smokies cocktail wienies (Yes, I buy the off brand…it all tastes the same)

This is the most basic recipe around, all you do is place 1 wienie in each piece of biscuit dough, pinch the dough around the sausage, and bake at 350 for 10- 12 minutes, or until golden brown.


4 pack of biscuits (40 total) – $1.25-$1.50

Little Smokies – Name brand – about $4.50 / Off Brand – about $3.50

Or if you want to use croissants or larger biscuits you can figure in a cost of about $1.50 a package / you will need 4 to do the whole bag of smokies.


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Kabob – Persian Style (Almost)

I love chelo kabob!! However, I don’t grill (yet…I’ll learn!!) so I needed an oven version. Easy Persian dinner!

2 lb ground meat (Turkey or beef) – not extra lean, 80/20 works well. You want the fat.

Either 2 pkg dried onion soup mix OR 1 large onion grated on the fine side of a cheese grater.

3-4 Tomatoes

3-4 c Long Grain Rice (I make 1/2c per person)

1 stick butter

Salt & Pepper

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine meat, salt, pepper, onion soup mix or onions in a large bowl. Mix really well (If you’re uing fresh onions you might want to add some garlic powder or minced garlic too) Press meat mixture into a 13 x 9 pan. Slice tomatoes into wedges and line the edge of meat in the pan with the tomatoes. Place in oven and bake for 45 minutes or until meat is done. (Check your temps!!)

While the meat is cooking rinse your rice and place in rice cooker. Add water, use 1 1/2 cups of water per 1 cup of long grain rice.  Throw in a stick of butter and some salt. Press cook. Once the rice is done and the cooker says it’s on warm press cook again. If it won’t let you immediately wait about 3-4 minutes and then press again. It should stay on cook for a few minutes them pop back to warm again. Do this 2 times. Leave in cooker until meat is done.

Pull the meat out of the oven. Place a plate on top of the rice cooker and invert. This way you’ll have tadeeg…it’s the Persian name for the crispy outside edge on the rice. It’s the best part of the rice!!

Idea~>Serve rice, meat, and tomatoes on plate with yogut sauce on the side. 

 You can cut the amount of meat in half, bake in an 8 x 8 pan for a a smaller crowd 🙂

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Almost Gyros

I love Gyros! It gets expensive buying them for all of us though, and the boys only like the meat so making Almost Gyros at home is a cheap and easy solution.

1 – 2 lb ground meat (I use turkey, but beef or lamb work well too)

1 pkg dried onion soup mix

1/4 – 1/2 c water


Yogurt Sauce

Tomatoes / Onions

Combine meat, water, and onion soup mix in a large bowl and mix well. Form into silver dollar sized patties and cook in a large skillet with a little oil over medium heat.

Heat pitas under the broiler until warm, slice in half, fill with patties, and serve with sauce and veggies.

Yogurt Sauce – You can make your own (I’ll try to post a recipe soon), or buy already made sauce from the store.

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Overnight Brisket & Beans


Dinner for a week cooked while you sleep!

1 large brisket

Salt & Pepper

Seasoning of choice

1 lb dry, picked thru, pinto beans

1 onion – diced

1 jalapeno – chopped (optional)

Set oven to 200 degrees. Rub brisket with salt, pepper, and spices. Place fat side up in a roasting pan, cover with foil, and place in oven.

Pour beans, 6-7 cups of water, onion, pepper, salt & pepper in crock pot, cover, and set to high.

Cook both overnight, in the morning your done. You can make BBQ sandwiches, chopped beef sandwiches, brisket tacos, enchiladas, or just brisket and beans.

The beans are awesome just as a side dish or with cornbread, but my fav is to put them in a pan with a few Tb of butter, smash-up, and make refried beans.

~~Buy briksets after holidays when they are on sale and freeze them, or cook now put the meat in meal sized baggies and freeze.

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Crock Pot BBQ

Pork Roast, Brisket, or Boneless Chicken

BBQ Sauce

A Few TB of water

1 TB Liquid Smoke (Optional)


Place Meat, water, and liquid smoke in crock pot. Cook until done. About 6 hours depending on size (Check your temps!) Remove meat from crock pot, shred or chop. Drain juices in the crock pot, return meat to slow cooker, cover with sauce, stir and cook on low for 2 hours. Serve on buns.

You can cook the meat in the oven, shred, and simmer in sauce on the stove. I hate the vinegar taste so I cook mine for at least 30 min, I like sweet BBQ,  but if you like the taste just coat in sauce and serve.

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Crock Pot Roast

Crock Pot Roast ~ Easy weeknight dinner

Frozen Chicken Pieces – Bone-in or boneless / pork roast / pork loin / pot roast

Potatoes – cut into chunks

Carrots – peeled and cut

Celery – cut into pieces

Chicken Stock / Water

Throw it all in your crock pot on high and let it cook all day. I use frozen bone in chicken, start it t about 9 or 10 am and by 6 it’s done.  If the meat is thawed cut the veggies smaller and cook for less time.

Add spices to flavor it up.

Eat it as a meat, potatoes, and veggies, served with rolls, or drain and roll up in tortillas with some jalapenos. Yum!

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Jello Toast

I hate sticky…Kids + Jelly = A big sticky mess!!

My mom and grandmother were the same way. So as kids my mom, myself, and now my boys all eat Jello Toast.


Jello Powder


Turn the broiler on. Butter bread and sprinkle with a layer of Jello powder. Shake off excess powder, place bread on foil, pan, or directly on oven rack. Broil until the Jello powder melts into the butter, about 3-5 minutes.

~Or you can add cinnamon sugar instead of Jello powder for cinnamonny sugar goodness…Either way Yum!

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